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Ten Minutes to Zen

Here's the scenario.  It's a Friday evening, you've had a pretty busy week and you're at home getting ready to go out to dinner.  You have 10 minutes before you have to leave.  Maybe you're like me and you usually end up running around scrambling to finish getting ready until the very last second.

But what if we recognized this as a transition time. And in this transition time we took a moment to stop and think: How am I feeling right now? You may be feeling a little tired, or a little rushed, anxious, or excited.  And you have 10 whole minutes.  So how can you use those 10 minutes to set yourself up for a more pleasant evening.  How can you use the short period of time to reenergize or create more peace? Well, if you're tired maybe you could rest.  Lie down on your bed, or on the floor, take a few moments to close your eyes and rest. A few moments of quiet, that sounds nice.  Or, if you're feeling anxious perhaps taking a few moments to check in with your body and your breath.  A few mindful breaths and a few simple movements. You're presumable already dressed for dinner so nothing wild.  Just taking a moment to reconnect to your body. Or maybe you're feeling stressed because there is mess on the counter or dishes in the sink. Could you leave them there or will that bug you?  Perhaps that 10 minutes can be used tidying up the kitchen, if having a tidy kitchen will bring you peace.   Often we have these little windows of time in our day and if we stop check in we can use them to our benefit.  We can use these windows to re-create energy or peace of mind.  

1.) Stop + Pause

2.) Check in - What do I need right now?

3.) How can I meet that need in the next ten minutes

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