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Move. Feel. Notice. Change. Grow.

Improving health, self-regulation and well-being is really about self awareness, a shift in perspective, and changing behaviors that, while at one point may have been useful, we no longer need. I believe that you, the client and individual, are the number one expert on you and my role is simply to enhance what is already there.   I am highly trained in behavior change and I ask powerful questions to help you find your own answers. The coaching approach invites clients to take responsibility (broken down to mean you are able to respond), mobilize your own motivation, own your visions and goals, and not rely on me, the coach, for all of the answers and motivation. You are in the driver's seat!

You already have everything you need - and together we'll find it.

Therapy session
1:1 Somatic Life & Well-being Coaching​

Coaching is about partnering with my clients and helping them to put into practice the health and wellness behaviors they already know - like exercising, eating well, and relaxing more​.  

I coach people who want to change and improve their wellness - including fitness, weight, stress, eating habits, and health - and who need the structure, accountability, and expert support of a coach to get there.

If you’re ready to get out of a rut, take charge, and make lifelong changes, a coach can help you get there during convenient bi-weekly telephone/video coaching sessions.  I coach clients to develop a personal vision and goals for their wellness, and establish a better lifestyle in just three months.

Virtual Yoga, Movement, Restoration

“As I often tell my students, the two most important phrases in therapy, as in yoga, are “Notice that” and “What happens next?” Once you start approaching your body with curiosity rather than with fear, everything shifts.” 
― Bessel A. van der Kolk, The Body Keeps the Score 

Currently offering virtual meditation, movement, and Roll Model Method self massage classes.

Your body is your life long companion that carries you through the world. Befriend your body.  We'll incorporate movements from many different modalities to reawaken your tissues and bring joy, pleasure, and ease back to your body.

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