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Notes from a Virtual Dissection

Some people thought it was weird I asked for a virtual dissection for my birthday and they're probably not wrong...

My birthday was on Monday, May 11th and that also happened to be day 1 of Gil Hedley's Laboratory Livestream - a virtual dissection.

For years attending one of Gil's labs has been on my wish list - but its hard to get into and requires a big investment of time/energy/money so when he offered his lab experience online I jumped at the opportunity.

The course is going on my list of life changing experiences. (YES, you can absolutely have a life affirming and life enhancing experience via the internet!!)

I still hope to attend a live lab with Gil in the next year or two and I'm still processing the whole thing but wanted to share a few notes and takeaways from 8 hours of an integral anatomy dissection:

  • Your body is a perfect human body

  • There is more health than sickness in any body at any given time.

  • Don't jump to conclusions as soon as you see something, you'll likely be proven wrong 5 minutes later.

  • When you become task oriented you miss the beauty along the way.

  • Your skin is the surface of your brain

  • We are fatty beings. That is not a mistake. You have to have fat. Everything in your body is wrapped in a fatty sleeve.

  • Being 50lbs overweight is healthier than being 10lbs underweight.

  • Without wrinkles you couldn't move. Love your wrinkles.

  • Some light frequencies penetrate the body.

  • Trigger points/'knots' are an emotional/life phenomenon and don't exist in death

  • The blood in your arm came from your heart - YOUR HEART IS EVERYWHERE THAT YOU ARE.

  • The lungs are more like the wings of the heart than separate things.

  • The heart feeds itself first. (Feel and integrate that one. You have got to 'feed' yourself and there is nothing selfish about that)

  • An ovary looks looks like a brain. That means a lot of women have 4 brains! (the gut being brain #2)

  • Whether you're skinny or fat we're all made of jiggly bits and the sooner you learn to love your jiggly bits the better.


These are the thoughts that have been bouncing around my head the past few months.

Love and enjoy your body.

Especially the jiggly bits.

It is truly perfect and incredible.

Want or need extra support?

Jiggle with me in yoga/movement session.

Or rediscover the joy and perfection of your body in a personal coaching session.

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