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Fall Proof Yourself This Fall

Earlier this week while enjoying a short midday walking break I fell into a hole.  Yes, a hole!  

Bored with the flatness of the concrete I was walking on the grass alongside the sidewalk.  Strolling along just enjoying the sunshine, a podcast, some nutritious movement and then BAM my right foot goes straight into a hole.

Ouch! Immediate shock and pain. I stopped, took a few deep breaths, paused my podcast, moved my ankle around a little bit, decided it hurt but could carry me home.  I reversed course moving slowly and staying on the flat sidewalk.  

It is easy to blame the hole but the hole is just a hole and it was there before me.  

After about 5 minutes my ankle felt good as before and 10 minutes later I was back walking in the grass. 

What made that stumble a 5 minute ouch as opposed to a major sprain? 

Perhaps luck.  But also I train for this!  Everyday I work on strengthening my feet and ankles and hips so when I hit a curb, rock, root or hole it doesn't end in catastrophe.  

In my classes we train our feet and ankles to go in and out of positions with ease. We train resilience. These exercises aren't glamorous but they're the literal foundation of a well rounded movement practice.  

Feet and ankles are where we start in each Total Body Tune Up workshop.  Join me this Saturday at Shine from 2-4 or Sunday October, 13th at Mint

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