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The Breakfast Club

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The Breakfast Club
Set your coffee down and let's go!


8:00 am ET


Cost: 65

Step into your day with grace, ease, strength, and friendly faces.



Join me weekday mornings at 8:00 am ET for a daily movement practice that incorporates yoga, strength, self massage, and Yoga Tune Up®.

We will come together and practice every Monday, Wednesday,, Friday, at 8:00 am ET for a 30 minute movement practice.  

Here is the full weekly schedule:

Monday: Movement & Flow  (30) + Self Massage (15)

Wednesday: Movement & Flow  (30) + Tabata (15)

Friday: Movement & Flow (30) + Self Massage (15)

What is Tabata?


Tabata is a workout that alternates 20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest.  Set to fun upbeat music.   We will use light to medium weights. 



That's 6 classes a week.  From the comfort of your home.  Live and together at 8:00 am ET or later at your leisure. 


Create quiet time and space for yourself or practice with your family - four legged or two. Roll around on therapy balls in your pjs with a mug of coffee close by.  


Your practice.  At home. Together.  



Live Via Zoom.  Replays emailed to you same day and available for 2 full weeks after the end of the course.


Suggested Props:



  • Yoga Blocks (2)

  • Yoga Strap

  • Blanket/Cushion

  • Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls

  • Coregeous Ball

  • Weights


***Or similar things. Email me if you have substitution questions or need balls!***


One Month. Over 20 Classes.

What folks are saying​:

Meredith’s Zoom classes have been life-giving, grounding and empowering in a season where that’s more necessary now than ever. Her tone is so warm and “try softer” instead of “try harder” and welcomes everyone where they’re at. She subtly weaves in nervous system and somatic work in an extremely accessible way. These classes have been an indispensable element in my wellness regimen. They’ve been a way to “get into my body”, move, and be with others that I really look forward to, which definitely isn’t always the case for me with movement.

- Renee 9+mo Zoom Class Client

Meredith's style is welcoming like no other yoga instructor. She is warm and caring. She is not afraid to be silly. Meredith knows all the sophisticated anatomy and physiology and will invite you to challenge yourself, but she encourages people to just do what feels right. Time flies when you're practicing with Meredith. I feel a positive difference in my body and in my mood when I start my day with her classes.


I've felt such relief in my belly after just one session rolling on the Coregeous ball.


I love this program - thank you!


The rest of the day is better!


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