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Mindfulness Practices for Modern Times

When: Friday 12/9

1:00 pm ET

Where: Virtual

Cost: Free

Over the past 9 months I've had the pleasure of sharing my Mindfulness Practices for Modern Times workshop with over a dozen teams, both in person and virtually. 

After working with over a hundred adults in their workplace I started to wonder, what other groups could I share this material with?

Then a highschool gym teacher asked if I'd lead her sophomore class in a yoga session.  And I said yes, but let me tell you about this other thing that I offer:

"It's a workshop with simple strategies for regulating your nervous system and moving your body out of the stress response so stress doesn't get stuck or accumulate.  I've shared this material with hundreds of adults but I think the younger people are when they get this information the better. I wish I knew this stuff 20 years ago"

Fifteen year olds can be a tough audience but the shift in these kids in the hour was incredible.  

It's such an amazing gift when a company, boss, or teacher offers these sesion to their team.  I always think, how amazing that these folks get this material and how fortunate am I that I get to bring it to them! 

Because these sessions are under an hour and I typically see a group just the one time, I pack it with the most impactful and accessible information.  

I have two goals for the sessions. 

First to offer an hour where the system gets to come down and rest a bit.  


Second, to share simple tools, strategies, and information so that this experience can be replicated later on.

And if all the participants got from the session was the one time, one hour rest it is still 100% worth it.

I've decided to offer this workshop one more time this year and open it up to you online. 

Here's what you can expect to learn:

- Strategies for moving stress through your body
- Science backed tools for regulating your nervous system and balancing your brain.
- How to send your system signals of safety so your body + mind can relax.
- Ideas and examples of how to take these new tools out into the wild and the real world. 

How this benefits you:

- You'll learn the difference between stress and stressors and why you don't feel better when you think you should and how to change that. 

- You'll learn 7 ways to complete a stress response cycle and ride the wave. 

- You'll learn the science, the theory, and the why behind the tools so that when you do feel better it isn't a fluke but actually something you can recreate time and time again. 

- You'll walk away with a handful of simple tools you can put in your self-care tool box and access anytime anywhere.  

Here's the info:

Date: Friday, December 9th
Time: 1:00 pm ET
Where: Zoom
Cost: FREE

I've decided to make this workshop available for no charge because I want it to be an absolute no-brainer to join in.  

I can't wait to see you there!

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