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Tune Up + Down

This six week course is the product of my Yoga Tune Up®, Roll Model®, Yoga + Movement, and Somatic Experiencing trauma resolution work.

As the name implies, we'll both Tune Up & Down.

Together we will 'Tune Up' to move better and feel better in our bodies.  We'll incorporate Yoga Tune Up® poses and practices to increase our mobility and use our therapy balls to awaken and soothe our bodies, our tissues, our sensing self. 

Up and Down - we'll do somatic exercises and practices to both down regulate AND up regulate. 

There can be a lot of emphasis on the importance of down regulation and calming and coming down from a state of heightened stress or activation and YES this is important and necessary AND we sometimes need to be able to UP REGULATE when we're in prolonged states of lethargy or sluggishness or feeling generally stuck (ie. functional freeze).

Every week will have a theme and we'll have movement, somatic, mindfulness, self care/self massage practices to go along with the theme.

Each weekly session will include a 60 minute experiential class with embodiment practices, a 30 minute discuss with Q+A, and optional 'home work' (Practices you can play with at home)

6 Week Course​ / 90 minutes a week - $199 until 9/9 and $230 after


Weekly Agenda:

Week 1: Working with the Periphery.  Orienting and External Awareness.


Week 2: Deep Rest.  Emotional First Aid and Down Regulation.


Week 3: Second Brain.  Gut Awareness, Intiuition, Digestion.


Week 4: Taking Up Space.  Big Muscles and Big Movements.


Week 5: Mobilization.  Getting Warm, Activation and Cardio Microdosing.


Week 6: Riding the Wave.  Going Up and Coming Down.


We will meet in person.  The class size will be limited to ensure a safe and comfortable container and once registration is closed no additional students will be enrolled in this session.

Suggested Materials:

We will be in a yoga studio and will have access to props such as, blankets, bolsters, and blocks. You are welcome to bring any other props or items that will add to your comfort. 

Dress in layers.  I recommend cozy sleeves (sweater/sweatshirt/cardigan) and socks that can come on and off.

Therapy Balls.  They will be available to borrow but you're welcome to bring your own or purchase a set in class. 

There will be no refunds, please make sure any questions you may have are answered and attended to before registering for the course.  

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