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Life + Well-being 

Imagine a life with more ease.  More balance.  More joy.  More confidence.  Imagine being able to say no without guilt, make decisions without drama, eat dessert without shame.  It is 100% possible and I can help. 

Over the course of our lives we may adopt strategies to get through the tough times.  

And sometimes these strategies become habits or patterns.  Or even what we'd call personality-traits or addictions.  

They may show up in thoughts like, 'That's just the way I am."


These strategies/habits/patterns were gifts because they allowed you to be here today.  

And today they might not be so helpful anymore.  


In fact, they may be keeping you stuck or keeping you small.  They may be keeping you from growing and feeling happy.  

Today it is time to create new thoughts and feel the feelings and take loving action.  

Powerful, safe, and lasting change happens over time and with support. 

I've got you every step on the way.   

Yoga & Movement:

We keep it fun and we keep it simple with functional, accessible, playful yoga that is trauma informed.
Join weekl
y morning yoga classes from the comfort of your own home and feel better in your body. 
Yoga Pose

Join me for The Breakfast Club, mindful movement classes three days a week. 

The classes are 30 minutes because fitting movement into your day should be easy. 

The classes are fun because moving and being in your body should be something you look forward to. 


specialize in trauma informed yoga that is functional, accessible, and playful.   


Interested in bringing mindful movement and wellness to your team, office, company? Ask me about onsite or virtual corporate events.  

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Life + Well-being


Set up a free 60 minute consultation. 
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