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Breaking the Age Code

Breaking the Age Code

Presenting the first edition of The Living Embodied Book Club!


Friday, February 2nd @ 1:00 pm ET via zoom.


Our January book is Breaking the Age Code by Becca Levy, PHD.


You are welcome to read the book but this workshop us deisgned so that you don't need to!  


Join this virtual one hour workshop where I will distill the book into a 30 minute class and give you all of the good bits so that you can use the ideas and tools in Dr. Levy's book to Break the Age Code!


We'll talk about how our age beliefs impact health, self esteem, mood, longevity, and how we move and how we feel.  


By becoming aware of our negative age beliefs and swapping them for positive beliefs we can live longer, move better, and experience more joy. 


There is no cost to attend this workshop live and I hope that you will because we will stay on for a discussion.  


If you'd like to update to the VIP package for only $19 you will recieve a replay of the workshop and worksheets highlighting all of the important action items so you can easily remember and implement them.  


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